Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Great Migration

Heyo! How's it going world? You, undoubtedly, may have asked yourself where has our intrepid eater been for, o I don't know, 2 months! I even caught myself asking, "wow, what is this little site? It looks like a really cool restaurant review blog yet there hasn't been any news posts since March? Weird."

Regardless, this break has occurred for a reason, and the answer is too awesome to contain any further! I'm moving to my beloved city of Portland, ME! You know, to be "closer to the action" so to speak. That means that the No. 1 food destination in the US of A will be just outside my front door. Which neighborhood have I chosen for my headquaters? The East End of course, like there is any other. The view from my third floor apartment overlooking Casco Bay is fantastic, so feel free to be appropriately jealous. 

East End Beach, perfection. From

A few job developments, namely the possibly and probable acquisition and ownership of an art gallery on Congress Street, (ummm excuse me?) and the excitement to live with two of my best friends, my relocation to Portland is looking better and better. Summer in the City... Has a ring to it doesn't it?

But what about a review? Well I've been to a whole mess of great restaurants, but it has been so long since i've written down my travels, they have all become blurred. I guess (none to begrudgingly) I'll have to revisit a few stars from the past two months, not to worry.

So, as our friends on Oregon Trail do, load up the Conestoga wagon with provisions and a dutch oven, hitch up some oxen (or draft horses, your preference), and make sure while fording the river not to die of dysentery (or is it drown or something), because I'm moving out of the country! Look out Portland, here I come... to eat. Stay tuned.