Wednesday, May 23, 2012

*!!!News Flash!!!*

This Just In!
Move over J's Oyster Bar, step aside Old Port Sea Grill, there is a new Oyster game in town. The former site of the much loved Rabelais Book Store will now be home to Eventide Oyster Co. Located on 86 Middle Street (you know, where all the cool restaurants hang out), and connected to the Portland institution Hugo's, the newest entry into the Portland Seafood scene looks very promising (Love that window-front logo). Eventide is so new they don't even have a website up yet, only a facebook profile. With a projected opening date of mid-June, Portlanders won't have to wait long to start binging. But this hungry food writer cannot wait to take his first bite (read slurp.) So if you are smart (I know you are), come join me mid-June for a bakers dozen or two of these delicious mollusks... Oysters are good for you, after all... It's scientifically proven.

-The Novice Fork