Thursday, December 13, 2012

Three days in New York, Part 1

     Well hello there, fancy seeing you in this neck of the woods. It’s been too long, bub! I regrettably admit that I am more than tardy to this blogging party and have to apologize. Life, with all of its surprises and shit storms, can get in the way from your food blogging responsibilities. Sorry. In the time that has passed, I’ve been many places, seen many new sights and eaten many a fantastic meal. 2012 has been an amazing year of travel, personal growth and dope food, and I am very thankful for all the opportunities that have presented themselves. I thought I’d attempt now to relive some of it for you all today and in the days and weeks to follow, picking up just where we left off. Reunited and it feels so good, doesn’t it?

     So welcome intrepid eaters to another very long overdue installment of Novice Fork goodness, served hot and fresh (like a toaster strudel).  This time around I’ve traveled to a certain Big Apple, the great white way, Gotham… that’s right eaters, good ol’ NY of C!  New York City, simply put, is wonderful and continues to be my favorite city in the United States, and it all about the food and culture, the pace and architecture that makes NY what it is. On a recent trip I rediscovered why this place rocks my socks… lets take a peek together, shall we? Obvi…

The Grey Dog
242 West 16th Street
New York City

Cute, No?

The Novice Fork gives this neighborhood
spot 4 forks for charm, reliable food
and friendly, unpretentious service.

     Arriving early Friday morning for a long weekend in my favorite US city, my first foodie stop was in the land called Chelsea and to The Grey Dog. Established as a coffee house in 1996, this hole-in-the-wall in the heart of Chelsea is a favorite of locals (I.E those who live on the same block) and all New Yorkers thirsty for morning coffee, eggs benedict (or rancheros) and rustic charm. I loved it here! Reclaimed wood tables, mason jars for water glasses, amazing dessert and freshly prepared pastry selection, and very friendly, laid back staff, this place reads more Brooklyn or even Portland (Maine or Oregon) than fast paced and often expensive Manhattan.

     But this is what makes The Grey Dog so appealing. The atmosphere, dining room layout and even color on the walls add up to a warm, cozy and familiar atmosphere that makes hangover eggs on Sunday morning so much tastier. That Friday morning I noshed on their “Ol’ fashioned omelette” with cheddar and mushrooms that was on the far better side of standard. Their toast was thick-cut and delish. Home fries? Not bad either. My cohort had the Breakfast Quesadilla, which was also delish. With iced coffee and a slice of surprisingly good rhubarb pie later, I was ready for the weekend ahead. And thanks to The Grey Dog, that weekend included a few extra lbs… gee thanks.