Saturday, September 22, 2012

*!!!News Flash!!!*
Is Krusty's passion project doomed?
 This Just In!

It is still safe to eat in Portland, ME. I repeat it IS safe to eat in Portland, ME. With this week’s “wonderful” article about the safety of our fair city’s restaurants, I’ve come out of my mini retirement (sorry for the hibernation) to send out a little P.S.A about the best little food city in the U.S. of A… To all the food curious I endeavor to give you a much needed dose of confidence about what you eat… simply put, you’ll all be fine. Continue munching that pizza, don’t put down those fries, and slurp a few more oysters because this will all blow over. (But you might want to leave those Krusty Burgers behind.) I’m certain your favorite restaurant that didn’t “pass” will want your support, so go out to eat tonight! You’re welcome.

 -The Novice Fork

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