Thursday, December 30, 2010

Homeward Bound, In Reverse Part II

Greetings gang! Well it has come and gone, another Christmas season, did you survive? Santa was pretty decent to me, and I love my new g-shock watch! Score. But now the New Year is upon us and I’m pretty happy about it. This year was a roller coaster and while it has brought many good things in my life, a new year is a refreshing and rejuvenating promise of better things to come. I can’t wait. I’m very ready for new beginnings and a new, clean slate. Along this same vein, you, the faithful reader, can expect bigger and better things for this modest little blog, so watch out for them. (It will all be fabulous I assure you).

New Years Eve this year promises to be great. My outfit is picked out and my friends actually planning something out for once… shocker… I’m all geared up to get my Old Lang Syne on. So, a day early, a very Happy New Year everyone! Have a ball, you (and I) have earned it. (Maybe I should insert a Will Smith, “we’re gonna party like it’s 1999” joke here? Thoughts?)

Now, on to the review du jour! Yippy Skippy! Even though this review comes about a week past due, I thought it still important to relay the message of good food from Boston to you folks. The second restaurant I went to on my Boston day trip was the very delish Douzo, This is some of the best sushi I have had in the city, and I am a devout Fugaku fan, the legendary, homey and slightly kitsch Brookline sushi spot,, so this is saying something.

Douzo's sign out front of the restaurant, at 131 Dartmouth Street in Boston's Back Bay

Douzo, by sharp contrast, is very downtown Boston. Sleek, modern and stylish, the term feng shui comes rushing to the top of my list. I have always said that a restaurants appearance can only directly influence your meal and the lush atmosphere here most certainly makes their artisan sushi rolls and sashimi taste that much better. I loved it here. The service was a bit slow to seat my friend and me, but once we sat down, our waitress was attentive and very personable once dinner got rolling.

As it should be, however, food was the star here. I started with a delicious Miso soup and seaweed salad, and my friend got the edamame, always good. But the main event was a lavish assortment of the freshest sushi in Boston (I’m pretty certain anyway).

I chomped down on wild salmon and striped bass sashimi and an eel roll (my fave) and my friend ordered a few different rolls to try out, including the Spider Roll which was a “soft shell crab tempura, avocado, cucumber and Tobiko and spicy mayo rolled with vinegary Daikon Radish” completely delish. The flavors of this sushi were so light, fresh, sweet, and salty that I didn’t want the meal to end. (The best compliment of a restaurant I can think of.)

The only proviso I have about this restaurant for the general public is that this place isn’t the “cheapest.” So be prepared to have a bit of money to spend. The food is worth the cost and the experience of having a upscale dining experience at one of Boston’s best restaurants is worth a few dollars. Right?

Now, this restaurant, with all of the d├ęcor, service and food is worth a 4 Fork (just shy of a five because my friend and I waited like idiots at the front door for a few solid minuets before being seated at one of many open tables). Such is life, but go to Douzo, you will not be disappointed.

There you have it, my last posting in the great year of 2010. What meals will the New Year bring? Stay tuned, you won’t be sorry.

Words for the day? Yes…

As stated above, the New Year is upon us. This is a big deal, because given the amount of harm we do to our planet and to others, it’s amazing we have held out this long. So, in the coming year, be kinder to your fellow man and to our planet, because without both we would be alone and floating in space cold in an awkward space suit and probably without great sushi to eat. And that future sounds awful… doesn’t it? Happy Happy New Year world! Get ready 2011!

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