Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Three Days in New York, Part 2

Greetings my fearless eaters and welcome to the second installment of New York deliciousness, served up hot in three courses. Loosen your belt loops, because we are getting to the meat and potatoes and its going to be good. How good? Read on and belly up. Hope you’re in the mood for something spicy.

Now you may be wondering what this Novice Forker’s second favorite activity in the City that needs Ambien to sleep may be aside from stuff my pie hole on amazing global cuisine and the best bagels I’ve ever had (well, duh…) 

Legit Bagel Experience

What is this activity I simply couldn't live without? Shopping, my dears, shopping. 

My credit card was so hot it burned right through my wallet as I ripped through SoHo like the Tasmanian devil. My tip to all of you? Forget 5th Avenue with its throngs of tourist cramming into the M&M Store (sorry little guys) and head south, south of Houston to be precise, to the best and most authentic NYC shopping experience. Sure it’s the same stores (H&M, Banana, and Hollister) but you’ll be in the heart of it all, open air, bustling streets, and the xfactor that makes NYC what it is. It is the best, and once you go, you’ll know what I mean.

But food remains my top priority and here we come to a certain Friday evening in the City that brought us to a place possessing my favorite Mexican in NYC. The Rocking Horse Café in the ever-popular neighborhood of Chelsea.

The Rocking Horse Café
182 8th Avenue New York, NY 10011

Love the colors!

The Novice Fork gives this Chelsea stalwart
4.5 stars for reliability of food,
awesome atmosphere and swift service.

Now this place is amazing not only because it has been going strong since as long as anyone can remember (that’s a lot of years) so its no exaggeration that The Rocking Horse Café is a fixture of the Chelsea dinning scene (with most locals remember it as being at the forefront of the Chelsea’s renaissance.) Once you enter its unassuming front door, you the eater begin to see why. The lively, packed and good looking crowd downing amazingly potent margaritas, bright colors and worldly artwork, and with the strong smells of cilantro, braised pork and mole all grab at your attention all at once.

Seated either at the long and popular bar, or into the very long and narrow restaurant, the atmosphere envelopes you. Dimly lit, warm, and very “city” it’s what you want when you come to New York.

When you go to Rocking Horse, get the guacamole, its delicious. And the normal menu really has something for everyone. But on this particular evening the special menu featured a special pork loin with salsa Verde and chipotle mashed potatoes. This I couldn’t pass up on. However, since I’m not the biggest fan of the mashed potato (Shocking I know) I opted for a side of garlic sautéed kale. This was a great switch. 

The Holy Pork Loin (for serious)

Finishing up with a few margaritas, (maybe one too many) and with exceptional company intimately across the table from me, my night was perfect. I can’t even remember what they had to eat (Chicken?) but it doesn’t matter, it was good, like the food always is. I hope you all feel festive everyday of your lives, but if you don’t, Rocking Horse Café is a good medicine.


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