Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Art, Fries and other Musings

Sorry gang, it’s been a few days. Here is what you missed...

It rained, I ate some things, and it rained... (Glad we are all up to speed)

So the most pressing thing I can post about was my adventure with the Portland, ME First Friday Art Walk, Sponsored by the Portland Arts and Cultural Alliance, http://www.portlandarts.org/, and dinner at Shays, http://www.shaysgrillpub.com/, in Monument Square.

Everyone was out during the Art Walk, I mean EVERYONE, the sidewalks were completely overrun with artistic voyeurs in hot pursuit of free Pinot Grigio and Hummus dip, paintings of trees or, egad, lighthouses, and the air was humid and merry.

There are so many wonderful galleries on Congress Street, Portland's official Arts District where the Maine College of Art, http://www.meca.edu/, is located, as is the Portland Museum of Art, http://www.portlandmuseum.org/, where I currently volunteer. The Art Walk is a great way to explore these spaces of creativity with the social lubrication and buffer of hundreds of other visitors, artists, students and tourists.    

After all this oil paint, slightly lightheaded, I walked down to Shays for a bite with my friend. It was easy to get a table at this small restaurant, dimly lit and local art littering the dark painted walls. Having been here many times before, I already know the Fork rating for this establishment... drum roll please, this is a bonafide 3 Fork joint, for satisfying "upscale pub food," really good fries, and a small bill. Two people for $23 bucks!    

I had a Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Gouda cheese and bacon, smothered in a BBQ sauce. Fries were piled high and were crispy and delish. (A small disclaimer... I have a weird need to always have a side salad no matter what I eat) so I also ordered a small side Caesar, and it was good, not great.

My friend had the Pulled Pork sandwich, also with fries, looked great and clearly was, because it was finished in a few minuets.

Sooo, Go to Art Walk!!! And if all the other wonderful places to eat in Portland, ME are full, go to Shays, because it is also good eats (for sho).

Words for the day?

When it rains, organize your house. You’ll feel accomplished about something indoors and you’ll work up an appetite to go OUT and eat. You don’t want to be a hermit, trust me.


  1. Never knew you were such a writer. Love it! I'll being keeping tabs on you ; )

  2. Hey Cuz,

    I love the blog. I wish I was there to partake in some of your culinary quests. Miss you bunches, keep it up!

    aka: kiki

  3. aww first thanks steph! Glad you like it!

    And Kate! Thnak you very much! Miss you too :(