Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When Harry Potter and Tryptophan combine

Well… What a week it has been! I must apologize, faithful readers, that you have had to go without me for such a duration, but this week kicked my butt! What with many Thanksgiving festivities, a thoroughly awful cold I had to endure, and two Harry Potter viewings, I was busy, wiped out, and neglected the very Blog that keeps me sane. So…I have a lot to report back to you all. And I hope you’ll forgive me… but I have a good feeling you just might.

Thanksgiving was really nice this year, and I got all crafty and made a centerpiece for the table, which is on display below. I was proud of it, so I’m shamelessly promoting my botanical abilities here.
Fancy right? It's in a Pumpkin!

And now let’s begin in the cinemas, shall we? Well Harry Potter Rocked! Deathly Hallows, Part I might be the best movie in the franchise yet, beside the third movie (with the time travel and such) because it most accurately follows the plotlines of the seventh book. This is something Potter enthusiasts insist is the test of the movie adaptations. As any reader knows, the books are so good because of what J.K chooses to include in rich details and plot twists. Mess with this perfection, and you get a lot of angry fans. Go see this movie, for sure. And if you have been to all of the others, you certainly don’t need me to tell. O, this is a sad movie, so be prepared with some hankies, you’ll need em.

The second movie I was at this past week was Burlesque. Staring Cher (who hasn’t aged a day in 30 years), Christina Aguilera, who sang her fanny off, and Stanley Tucci, who is just funny and pleasant to watch. This movie, while not the stuff of Casablanca, certainly isn’t Glitter (sorry Mariah, I do love you) and it was pretty enjoyable to watch. I think to hear Christina sing would be enough, but Cher was good too, as where the supporting cast members, including a brunette Kristen Bell (what up Veronica Mars). The dance numbers were on a grand scale and the entire movie reminded me of Chicago, with the glitz, glamour, and really good music. Not Oscar worthy, but it’s defiantly not Showgirls, thank god!

So, on to the food, right? Ok.

This past week saw me at several different restaurants. (I know, I know, where do I find the time to go out to eat so often? Its really a full time job, so good thing I don’t have another one currently, haha.)

The real star of the week is where I pigged out twice. Otto’s Pizza and Enzo Wine Bar, www.ottoportland.com. This place is fantastic. Period. It’s a casual and laid back hole in the wall, and the pizza stands out as straight Naples style, street pizza. I’m talking GOOD! With a crispy and sweet crust, inspired and fresh, seasonal toppings, a very sweet and savory sauce, it is my favorite traditional style pizza in Portland. Because pizza is all they serve, they literally get it Right.

On both trips I had their seasonal specialty of Butternut Squash, Ricotta and Cranberry with fresh basil on top, which was simply amazing. You can either get their pizza by the slice, $ 3 dollars a pop for a generous size, or a whole pie, with prices varying on the toppings, with combos either dreamed up by the kitchen or by you, the hungry hippo.

Here is the menu, painted on the subway tile, I love how this looks.

Its space has the quirky authenticity of a place that has been there for ages and its setup is smart too. Otto’s is the small kitchen side of the restaurant, with a takeout setup and a few stools. Next door at Enzo, they have a pretty good wine selection and a more traditional sit-down style dinning, still with a rustic, family-style charm. The décor is really cool too, with everything made to look old. In reality, everything is either new materials or reclaimed from other places. In a rush or with time to kill, this place is for you. You truly won’t be disappointed by the food and the service.  

And, after talking to the helpful waitress about the place and its history, I made a new discovery. (Well new to me anyway).  The former North Star Café on Congress Street in the Munjoy hill area of Portland will become another Otto’s! So Portlanders will have two times the pizza loving fun, and we may all rejoice!

Fork time for Otto’s? Sure, this is a 4 Fork place. I think the quality and price is spot on, but since pizza is the only thing they have, it might not be for absolutely everyone, even though it should be. It really is my fave place for a slice, and if you go, you’ll get it too.

Sooo… words for the day?

There is no cure for the common cold, but good pizza, some turkey and plenty of DVD’s (Momma Mia! Any one?) can help with the boredom. And ABBA is really like pure cane sugar, so you’ll probably get some energy from it too. Have a good, and healthy, day everyone! Over and out.


  1. Thank you for the review. Hopefully we'll see you at 225!


  2. Hey! Anytime, love the restaurant, can't wait to check out the new spot!