Monday, October 25, 2010

Connecticut or Bust!

So, after a fun-filled and sleep deprived weekend in Mystic, CT, visiting a college friend, i have come to understand two, or maybe three truths about the land of famous pizza 1.) Pizza is good from this town, 2.) Eclectic American bistro food is even better, 3.) you really do wish Julia Roberts was around (had to, sorry).

My friend and I, after walking around town, sat down to Azu Restaurant & Bar, at 3 pm, and had a blast. Minus the random time of day and being the only two to sit at the bar, we had a great and affordable meal. I had some delish oysters, followed by a perfect Salad Nicoise, and my cohort scarfed down a Grilled Salmon sandwich and fries. The atmosphere was relaxed and cozy, the waitress/bartender friendly and fun to talk to, and the meal was cheap, 13 bucks for each of us!

Here is their website, its worth checking out!

The following day, a slightly sleep deprived Sunday, I wanted pizza, so I was directed to Pizzetta, the answer to the touristy but also good Mystic Pizza. The space is the first thing you take in, a charming, rustic and artistic restaurant where fresh ingredients and a sense of humor take center stage. We split a Green Salad, which was alright with only feta and olives, but the main event, a pizza with Ricotta Cheese, Eggplant, onions and Basil, was divine! 

Again, their website to check out.

So, what can be summed up by all of this analysis? Food in Mystic is good, and if you try something other than what the free town tourist guide tells you, you'll be happy, and full.

Until next time, keep a fork on you, you never know when you'll need it. Trust me.

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