Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rating System à la Moi

Greetings all!

It has come to my attention that I currently have no way of grading my dinning and exploring experiences and need, like Junior year English class, a way to score and assess restaurants like my, eek, writing.

So, taking inspiration from my collegiate days as food reviewer for the Wheaton Wire, I will revive my rating system of 1-5 "whisks" or now, more appropriately, Forks to give my eating time a more quantifiable and tangible grade for you! (Hold your applause please) 


The grading will be on a 1-5 scale and will cover the three major factors of a food experience:

The food itself (most important)
Service (the theater of the food world)
The value (am I being ripped off or man that was cheap!)

Additionally, if you see score of 1-5, these mean something more, a more emotional grade of the overall experience and also how innovative and local the food is, very important given almost everything today has corn syrup in it, yucko!… enjoy the descriptions below!

1 Fork: disappointing experience or fail... i.e. visit said establishment at your own risk.

2 Forks: Passable but nothing special... i.e. if you want a similar experience, go to that little gas station and you tell me how good their pizza really is, sober.

3 Forks: Good and would go again, if no other options are presented... i.e. its the upscale chain restaurant or the tried and true "establishment" where the rolls are hot, the salad fresh-ish, but the menu was last updated 10 years ago, a guilty pleasure.

4 Forks:  Great and excited to tell people about it... i.e. that place where not only the food is delish but the service matches, and would have been a 5 if the prices were only a bit more of a value, but it still rocks.

5 Forks: You get what you pay for, which is good... i.e. that special restaurant where the food is ever changing, fresh, and inventive, the service is great and easygoing, and no matter how much you pay it really doesn’t matter because you want the food, like seriously crave.

Here you have it, my grading system. (Fab I know)

Now if you get too attached, don’t be surprised if I, a.) Change it at any time, b.) Have some opinions that go against the system, c.) Make no apologies for changing or diverging opinions stated in a. or b. I promise that the insanity of my actions will make sense, as not all food joints are created equally, but, as I have found, good food can be found anywhere.

So enough of this jibber jabber, enjoy your day world! And remember, eat anything you want, the treadmill will always be there... as a clothes rack.  

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