Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Organic Pizza, music, and beer... oh my!!!

Well last night I was hungry and big surprise I reached toward pizza again (I know I know, I'll be checking into the Papa Johns clinic soon, make room Lindsay...) but when two good high school friends ask you out for Flatbreads Pizza, http://www.flatbreadcompany.com/,... located on Commercial Street in Portland's Old Port district... you go, because you know the pizza will always be good and the atmosphere, on an unseasonably warm Monday night, will be fun and relaxed. And it was!

When we got there around 7:15pm, a fantastic acoustic musician was in full swing, singing her bum off! (Her name escapes me but man was she good!) I started dinner with an old standby, a Shipyard Pumkinhead (seasonal delicious) and two of the three of us started with Flatbreads amazing salads, complete with goat cheese and fresh seaweed on top, yummo! Then we all shared a large "Coevolution," which is a sauceless pizza with goat cheese (yes more) olives, fresh herbs, red peppers, and red onions. However, if you get this same pizza with both red and caramelized onions, its that much better, as the sweet onions play off the olives briny, savoriness. Its also a pretty good value at around $19 bucks for the flat bread, and its really big, so great to share with friends!

Then, as if we were not full enough with our pizza and spirits, we all shared my favorite part of Flatbreads, their dessert. The best, semisweet chocolate and cinnamon brownie sundae with organic ice cream, need I say more?   

What can be gleaned from this fun Monday night? Well, when friends ask you out, go because its nice to feel loved, but also, go Go GO to Flatbreads! Simply because it is my favorite pizza, and if you HAVE been there before, you know what I mean.

(Since this post was published, I have arrived at a rating system, and will give flarbreads a 4 Fork rating, because it totally rocks)

Thoughts for the day?

Go out there and explore, try a new restaurant, and drink a little wine. Life will be better and you'll live longer. Proven fact (I think)

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